Who We are

Glanbia Foods, a US division of Glanbia, plc, is one of the largest American-style cheese and whey manufacturers in the United States. 

With manufacturing facilities strategically located in growing dairy regions, Glanbia is well positioned to continue to produce award-winning cheese to meet global demand. We are committed to connecting cheese solutions through relationships, innovation and collaboration. 

Why the Pure Power of Cheese

We strongly believe there's tremendous opportunity to better position American style cheese not only as a natural, nutrient dense food but as a powerful delivery system to deliver solutions.

Our goal with this campaign is to show how consumers are eating as they strive to be just a little better with weight management, energy, satiety and nutrient deficiencies and show how cheese ideally fits into delivering these sought out benefits naturally!


The Cheese Innovation Center (CIC) is Glanbia's answer to a market demanding solutions around cheese. Built with customer collaboration in mind and customized around state-of-the-art dairy technology, the 14,000 square foot pilot plant facility streamline the process of moving products from concept to full scale production. 

The variety of equipment on-hand provides greater flexibility for exploring and developing new cheese products. The CIC opens up access to an entire network of resources and experts focused on the future of cheese processes.