Fuel Good

The energy found in green tea, ginseng and cheese (found in protein) provides a healthy alternative to give the body the stamina it needs to power through the day.  

Data shows people are reaching more for natural energy and less for supplementation and stimulants. Only 25 percent of consumers currently link energy to protein and only 19 percent associate calcium with energy so the possibilities in this space are endless. 


Studies have linked Green Tea and Ginseng to increased mental focus as the antioxidants contain properties which contribute to neuronal viability and improved mental performance.*

*Source: Study available upon request.


Additional studies have linked Green Tea extracts to increases in fat oxidation and may even aid in naturally boosting the metabolism.



Cheese is a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids your body needs. We’ve combined a delicious Jack with Green Tea, which contains l-theanine, a major amino acid linked to mood improvement so you can have peace of mind with each piece of cheese.